How can I make my whole blog private?

During registration, there is the option “I would like my site to appear in search engines, and in public listings around this network.” If you click “No,” your site will be invisible, and only people you give its link to will be able to access it.

On a public blog, how can I make a post private or password protected?

In your “Dashboard” (your site’s “Control Center”), when you edit a post or page, there is a block of options on the right under the title Publish. There you will see the option Visibility. Click on the Edit link on its right, and you will be able to make your post public or private, or to password-protect it so that only people you give the password to will be able to read it.

During sign-up, the option, “Yes, I’d like to create a new site (blog),” is checked. What happens if I uncheck it?

You will only be signed up as a user, that is, a new blog will not be created for you.

If you unchecked it by mistake, there is nothing to worry about. After you have signed up as a user, you can create a new site (blog) by hovering over your username in the upper right corner, and selecting Sites → Create a Site.

In the sign-up page, why is the “About Me” field required, and what should I write there?

The “About Me” field helps us avoid spam registrations. Please give us some information about yourself and the purpose for which you intend to use the blog.

It doesn’t have to be detailed or private, just whatever you feel comfortable sharing with the site members. (You can control who will be able to see this information by clicking the Change link next to the word Everyone.)

Or you can even write just a simple message or tagline, something that inspires or expresses you.

After I sign up, what happens?

You will receive an email with an activation link. When you click it, you will be taken to a page confirming the activation of your blog. On the same page you will also find a link to the Home Page of your blog. (This link will also be included in the email you will receive.)

After activation, you will receive a second email with your Home Page link, your User Name, and the link to the “Dashboard” (the “Control Panel”) of your blog. (By the way, don’t worry, that’s all the emails you will be receiving from us. We are not into promoting anything.)

Be sure to bookmark your Home Page and your Dashboard.

How can I start blogging after I receive these emails?

You can click the email link that will take you to your Dashboard. Spend some time to familiarize yourself with the layout. Everything is rather intuitive, and you will be able to figure thing out.

To help you along, on every page there is a Help link on the upper right side, under your user name.

If you are new to blogging and to WordPress, you can take a look at First Steps With WordPress that will give you a step-by-step tour. There are also many excellent guides on the Internet that will walk you through whatever you are trying to do.

What about the Forums and the Social Network mentioned on the Home Page?

You can visit the Forums here. There are two groups of Forums.

The Site Forums group includes forums News & Announcements, Support and Requests.

The User Forums group is for members interaction. Right now it includes an Introductions forum (for new members who would like to introduce themselves) and a General Discussion forum, but new ones will be added on requests from members who have some common challenge or interest.

As for the Social Network, if you hover over your username on the upper hand side of the screen you will see all the options offered. Also, you can see what is going on in all blogs by clicking the Activity link on the Main Menu. On the same Menu, you can see the Members and their Sites (blogs). (Right now all this is embarrassingly empty, as the site was launched quite recently. Hopefully, they will be filled up soon.)


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